Me, My Ex-Husband, Or My Friend?

Hello…I know that you receive a million emails but I’m in a really bad situation or should I say position. Here my life…I have been with my kids father for 8 or 9 years off and on…in which the last three of them we’ve been married but mostly separated. In 2010 we got married in February…in May I almost committed suicide because he became unhappy with me, our family and nothing I did seemed right. So to avoid destruction I left in June 15. Around August or September we decided to work things out in a new city away from family. We separated again before Thanksgiving and got back together for Christmas but broke up a little after new years. We got back together on our first anniversary…but broke up again around May. This is how our marriage went for the first two years. Towards the end of our second year I couldn’t take it anymore. During these beak UPS or separations he would go be with other women and eventually I found someone else but whenever my husband and I we’re “together” I was completely faithful and I know that he was texting women from mocospace but I don’t know if he was unfaithful or not. I finally realized that my husband and I had issues. There was an incident where I gave him the light bill money and he disappeared for the weekend. The next week or two we, my kids included, had to sit in the dark. I love myhusband and I’m in love with him, but one day gee looked at me and said why should he have to settle for someone like me when he could have the girl he left me for. I was hurt. At that time we were getting evicted and I had found a cheaper place and he came and got his things and left. He didn’t help us pack nor did he help move anything. The friend that I would seek out when my husband wasn’t around helped me move and made sure that the girls and I were settled. Eventually I filed for a divorce, but I was so hurt and depressed. I was good to my husband and in spite of it all I still loved him and wanted to be with him. So here’s my dilemma. The friend and I decided to date after I filed for a divorce. The friend is a great God fearing man and he’s a great provider but I’ve noticed that he’s controlling. I’ve also noticed that he’s demanding and he doesn’t want my kids dad to be a part of their lives, but I don’t think I should keep my kids away from their dad. Plus a always have you do things on his terms and on his time.  Recently my ex has wanted to talk and work things out and surprisingly I’m okay with it to an extent. I want us to date again but he refuses but I feel like we should get to know one another again.  But my husbandlikes to drink and party and i gave that life up when i almost died in a car accident where i was extremely intoxicated. But I’m confused because another part of me wants to be with my friend. But the bigger part of me feels like I need to take time and get to know me again. I feel like my ex no longer deserves my love and I feel like I jumped into a relationship without healing from the divorce. Plus I’m still in love with my husband. I don’t want you hurt either of them buy I don’t know what to do. Would you suggest I let my ex remain a ex or should I try to work it out? Do yo think our relationship us fixable? Or do you think that I should work things out with my friend? Or should I take some much needed time and love on me for awhile? I am a God loving woman and I do believe that people change but I don’t want you be a fool either. Please help me!

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  1. Vivan Cosme
    Vivan Cosme says:

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  2. Cunegonde Amedee
    Cunegonde Amedee says:

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  3. stephanie
    stephanie says:

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  4. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    The drama in this sister's life is tiring…..This kind of family instabilty is directly attributable to our communities being so weak. We can never fight racism, sexism, poverty and the other ills that plague us this way. MY PEOPLE, STOP PLAYING GROWN UP AND BE GROWN UP!!! Kids actually need parents.

  5. Osun Sade
    Osun Sade says:


  6. Nadea Heaven
    Nadea Heaven says:

    So glad I'm not alone. That was my story to some degree. Although, I didn't know of this channel, I did get some christian counseling and am taking that time to Love me. Forgiveness of others and self has to take place. I love your videos, you are an inspiration to me. God Bless!

  7. Tierra
    Tierra says:

    I feel like you were speaking to me and this aint even my situation…. wow Ok

  8. kalkeikuu
    kalkeikuu says:

    I love your advice. I've came from dysfunctional parents, a very confusing mother, controls me & my sis thru guilt, mom says do this one minute, than tells us not to do it another. I'm a confused person trying to heal my life and re learn life, because my mom tries to mold everyone around her into being her.

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