My Husband Masturbates After We Have Sex!

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Today’s show is of a sexually explicit nature. You’ve been warned! ๐Ÿ™‚

Are there some things that your spouse does while in the bedroom that you simply can’t stand? Are there any sexual fantasies or fetishes that your spouse has that make you feel inadequate? Well, today we want to challenge you to think about your feelings if you find yourself in this category. What we’re suggesting today is that this wife does not feel unsure of her ability to sexually satisfy her mate because of his masturbation….it is how she (and many of us today)perceive the act of masturbation.

If you take nothing else from today’s show please meditate and marinate on this: Masturbation is a normal and healthy act. Productive orgasms literally can add years to a person’s life. So, let’s take the “taboo” away from the subject of masturbation and respect and enjoy it for what it is!

Listen in to this video as we attempt to shed some light on the touchy topic of masturbation and help this wife who says her husband masturbates….even after they have sex.

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    • Harriet Hairston
      Harriet Hairston says:

      I can summarize this biblical viewpoint with this one statement: don't make your personal convictions into everyone else's doctrine. For example, if before you got saved, you wore sunglasses all the time to keep people from realizing you were high, now that you're saved, you don't wear them anymore because you're free from that. That's a CONVICTION that has nothing to do with what's in the Bible. The biggest mistake you could make is to judge or look down upon a person who wears sunglasses. They wear them for fashion or to shield their eyes from the sun, but you're friggin' telling them they're going to hell. For wearing sunglasses?!? Knee-grow, please! When that happens, you've made your conviction a doctrine, but that doctrine ain't anywhere in the Bible…it's just what YOU do to work out your own salvation.____That's dangerous ground to tread upon. I really appreciated the fact that she took it to the history of where the belief came from.

    • Leslie Wright
      Leslie Wright says:


  1. Keesha
    Keesha says:

    I personally get soooooooo excited when my hubby masturbates. It's like, when I'm not feeling like getting down, he knows what to do to make me say "OH HELL YEAH"!!….LOL….I'm thinking the woman in the letter's partner isn't done, soooooo, she needs to knock him out with a 1-2 punch!:) Seriously, maybe he has more stamina than she does, but there's no need to worry. Some women are dealing with the totally opposite issue so she should count her blessings and buck up!! LOL…good topic!

  2. Abdul-Qaadir
    Abdul-Qaadir says:

    Speaking of masturbation I love it. It is good and healthy for both men and women. If it is not interfering with his or your daily routine there should not be a problem. Most men self included love to masturbate. Mr. Ayize & Aiyana gave you excellent advice why don't you join him? A nice hand job with a good lubricant might turn him on and you too? Surprise him on Valentine's Day with one of these:

    • 3peasinapodity
      3peasinapodity says:

      This is a good topic. 20 years ago I was in a committed relationship with someone who masturbated every time after we "made love". It was a blow to my ego, and I'm sure it was because he did not communicate with me at all. But fast forward to today, when I've discovered "the bullet" and I now will go to my goodie drawer after sex. I have a wonderful partner who is not intimidated, but joins in to enhance MY experience! I also involve him sometimes by using it on him during our sex play. Our sex life has been enhanced through masturbation!!

  3. AGoodWomanDiji
    AGoodWomanDiji says:

    LOL…Yall? cool peoples.

  4. Holmete
    Holmete says:

    I love it!!! Please create an RSS feed so I can download your show. Ok. I love pleasing myself and as a single male it helps when you can show or tell someone what you like in detail. Another thing that should have been mentioned is we don't always finish at the same time! Most women are satisfied within 15-30 minutes? of penitration. Some guys can my need a little more time but by then the women is either feeling discomfort, pain or says im done. Keep up the good work.

  5. Lady Erin
    Lady Erin says:

    Love the effort to dispel the notion of masturbation. It's sometimes amazing that something so normal, is so taboo. I agree w/ ya'll …instead of immediately thinking that something is wrong b/c one or the other does masturbate frequently, or that it might suggest one is dissatisifed, I think it's more a testament to how satisfied one is and the fact that they don't want the sexual experience to end. Masturbation is a wonderful way to explore the body and further identify what satisfies one which can take the experience of sex to a whole nother level ;-). And to put it simply, it's a turn on to watch and a turn on to engage mutually …together. When partners can be totally comfortable w/ one another and willing to indulge and engage together, it can be an unfathomable experience. Love ya'lls approach.

  6. Kandi
    Kandi says:

    Yalls openness is fabulous. love yall

  7. megamalik30
    megamalik30 says:

    hahaha! ….aww come on bro….dang you put sis on front street, but she recovered nicely to that,lol, i know she had to be suprised just a little……hehehehehe!
    LOL…i seen sis peekin out the corner of her eye at you though on the real, when you was droppin? those details….lol…..:)
    Good vid family!

  8. jetblakink
    jetblakink says:

    "My wife masturbates!" Ouch!… I noticed? brother, you didn't volunteer to testify your OWN indulgence in the sport, instead you put your wife on the spot! I hope that didn't lead to one of those offscreen bust-ups! Still… good on you both for attempting such a tricky subject.

  9. RebelMakeUp
    RebelMakeUp says:

    I love how you just came out and said it girl!!! You're awesome!!! My ex used to masturbate a lot and it didn't bother me because like you said it's natural. My now husband has a very high sex drive and he knows i'm fine with masturbation but he says he would rather keep it for me but we have sex sometimes 4-5 times some? nights so it just shows every man and every couple is different. I really don't think she should have to worry! xxx

  10. Larry
    Larry says:

    Thanks for sharing this…'s very liberating to see a couple so transparent.

  11. Mrs. Beauty
    Mrs. Beauty says:

    TMI TMI TMI LOL ….yall are too funny. I think this video helps break the ice and helps people be more comfortable with their sexuality. We need not be ashamed to know our body's.

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