My Man Refuses To Help Around The House….HELLPP!!!!!

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Video: My husband and I have been married for a long time but I have just recently started working full time. I thought it would be a good idea to set some guidelines for household responsibilities since i am no longer at home as freqently as I used to be. I thought it would be a good idea for whoever cooks the other cleans the kitchen and puts the food away and for us to both do the laundry on Saturday. He thinks this is a bad idea but doesn’t have a better solution. How can I get him to see this is the best way to keep our house clean and our children clothed in clean clothes? HOw can i get him on board?





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6 replies
  1. audrey Hepburn
    audrey Hepburn says:

    "I agree…make a list and you two can go over the list together over coffee if thats your thing..and then it would'nt seem like your telling what to do or nagging…men i think love to feel like there involded no real man doesn't want his woman doing stay blessed and be encouraged…God Bless my sister!!!!

  2. The Student
    The Student says:

    Great video guys!!!! What I've learned about marriage is that it is rarely if ever 50/50. There will be times when one party is pulling more of the responsibilities than the other. That's just the way it is. That being said, a refusal to step up and help your wife is an unacceptable behavior on the part of the husband. She needs to verbalize that she feels disrespected and devalued when he exhibits this behavior. A man who can't understand that a woman needs to feel like more than your maid needs to remind himself of his role as a husband and her role as a wife. His role is to love his wife. Refusing to compromise or be considerate of your wife is not a loving behavior. Her role is to respect her her husband. While we don't know much about the wife in this case we do know that she respects him enough to make sure there is food on the table and that the laundry is done. You guys are right…the husband needs to stop playing and start pushing. There is nothing worse than a wife who resents her husband. If he doesn't shape up…that's where they are heading. Unfortunately, he'll probably be too blind to see the role he played in her resentful behavior. If I were are husband, I'd much rather have peace in my home, especially if it only involved doing the dishes 3-4 nights a week and folding a little laundry. Get it together!
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  3. tellymonster12
    tellymonster12 says:

    Thank you both, this is one of those subjects that most women will usually say, "it;s not worth the battle" but we have to look at how this affects our emotional and mental well being. MOst people aren't willing to broach the subject because they have hit a brick wall before and others feel their? spouse won't be receptive to what they are saying so they won't even bring it up. It is truely about meeting in the middle wherever that middle ground is. Thanks for answering this question.

  4. CharityOneLuv
    CharityOneLuv says:

    INHALE… thoughts precisely…dishes/food preparation is DAILY! The manly duties are on a weekly, monthly, or even bi-monthly. Her husband is being very inconsiderate and just a BIG Baby in my opinion. But on the real, if he won't listen, go tell your DADDY…God doesn't play and when men are being insensitive to their wives…let HIM Pull on the heart strings. Be patient honey!

  5. verynaturalgirl
    verynaturalgirl says:

    I am inhaling as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When it comes to tasks that require daily or several times a week tasks, why not share the load? How many times are you going to change the oil in a day, wk? How much fixing does your house need in a day, wk, month ? At some point you need to decide to move if the house is that crazy! 🙂 No, seriously, great advice…meet in the middle. What works? for one couple may not work for you so find your middle ground and meet there.

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