VIDEO: Wife Alert!! I’m About To Hook You Up!

By Aiyana Ma’at

Calling all wives who looove their husbands! I have a little word I want to have with you. I know you’ve been holdin it down with hubby, the kids, work, and a whole lot more. Sometimes, even though he doesn’t mean to–your husband can become a little too comfortable with all that you do and can forget to take some time to make some time for YOU. I understand. Really I do. Listen in.

CLICK HERE to go to the video you can send to your hubby!

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  1. Lovejoy
    Lovejoy says:

    Nice sharing of video..I found it already..Keep it up..

  2. Rita
    Rita says:

    I can't find the other link. Can someone help me locate it?

    • Rita
      Rita says:

      Nevermind; I found it.

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