What To Do When Your Relationship Is Through….Almost

VIDEO: Are you stuck between maybe and maybe not? Do you find yourself in a space of limbo in your relationship flirting with being either in or out? Is there a pending issue that has been left unresolved thus putting a wedge between you and your mate? Listed in to learn how to move 1 step closer to true healing.

QUESTION: How does one know when a relationship is truly over? Is the answer the same for everyone? How long is too long to continue dealing with significant yet unresolved issues? At what point is it time to walk away?

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  1. Leslie Wright
    Leslie Wright says:

    Give love, seeking nothing in return allowing the processes to do what it needs to do. People have to be willing to do the work and let the process do it’s work.

    That can preach by itself. Amen!

  2. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    At the end the word suppose,to be walk…not work,my mistake

  3. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    First of all,I must ask,Do you’ll know, when you’re in a bad relationship?and if you’re, do you know how to end it?@ Write down your short terms goals that you’re looking to achieve within 2 to 5 years of you’ll marriage.@ Write down thing you know can be better in you’ll marriage,and work on correct them.@write down you’ll progress,that you’ll have already achieve in you’ll marriage as of now.If you’ll have already did this,and receive counsel,pray on it,and you’ll have talk on it,your children’s is all grown,and if you’ll still on that level of seperate,then it time to work….

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