Go Ahead And Give Him Some…

VIDEO: It’s easy to do the same old thing and not challenge yourself to move beyond what’s comfortable….especially when it comes to SEX. However, what’s easy ain’t always right. Do something different….initiate sex with your man, get creative, and turn him out. If you are still the same in the bedroom and the sex ain’t changing that’s not a good thing. If it rarely happens in your house…that’s even worse. Get beyond yourself and go ahead and give him some…

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  1. Lady Erin
    Lady Erin says:

    Great topic!!! Love the candor that you expressed in broaching this subject. So necessary!

  2. Dorene K
    Dorene K says:

    just give him some…I like it! Something that my husband and I learned long ago is that women require different stimuli for sex. It's more about the brain for us than our genitals. The best way for a man to ensure that his woman is aroused and ready for sex is to do things that stimulate and prepare her MIND for sex. Sexual play during the day, sexual teasing, taking out the trash, taking the kids off her hands…all of these things show a woman that her man is being considerate of how she feels. And that's what women really want. It's gotten my husband lots of good sex.

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