You Aint Gettin None…. Cause You Don’t Get Her: Win Back Your Wife

VIDEO: We get a lot of questions in from folks inquiring about how to restore the connection in their relationship. In this video we address a man that says his relationship is suffering because their sex is on life support. Listen in and hear 3 quick tips we give him to help put his love life back in order.

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  1. Lync
    Lync says:

    Sorry if this is a double post!

    OMG I can’t believe what I just listened to wow!

    Ok let me start out by saying that I would like to address something that might shed some light on this situation in a real way, However I would like for Aiyana, jelly and Kandi to listen to very carefully with an open mind to what the words say, not mine but the book of life from our author "God"

    The way it goes is there are two people in the relationship not one that is responsible and accountable to each other. For better or worse, not for worse and I the women think I should abandon him through sex. This is a big mistake on her part or women in general.

    Ayize started out saying that she is a grown women, and it's on her to deposit positive things to make it better. Ok the way to deposit great things are to understand there's are two people involved, not one.

    I realize that this is very hard for women to see once they start in on the taking away sex because at this point by us not " getting her" what about the fact that you are wrong to hijack sex from your husband just because you're upset, hey he's your husband not a letter that you stop writing just because you are at lost for words, it's wrong.

    Can any of you explain to me what makes this right by abandoning him when it comes to sex. Yeah lets go there, but let be adults about this, can we? When you are in a marriage it's the two of you not one that 's in charge to make a marriage work.

    So do we as couples really get this!

    Ok to the points given by the host:
    #1 What do she wants,
    A- It's about what each other want and need, not one sided, lets keep this real, this can not be one sided or it will fail trust me. the rules, meaning Gods word apply to both parties for the sake of harmony in a relationship.
    #2 Initiate Date Nights,
    A-Yes this is key but there are two people that should care about this, not one waiting for the other to plan, it goes both ways, by getting each other, for the sake of real love and harmony.
    #3 Following Through:
    A-Ok it's said that women wants to be understood, ok well men do as well, not ot make this into tit for tat but according to the real rules in the great book that knows more then you and I it makes a point to address the man and the women "For The Sake of Harmony".

    Ok so the saying is Stop Playin and Start Pushing" hey I love this saying because it applies right here and now about the flaws of people in general in marriages around the world.

    She failing him by using this excuse just because of her life not being what she feel it should be. Most of us live way above our needs to put the bluntly. How about understanding that your life can be just what it needs to be if you supported one another through the thick and the thin.

  2. Jelly
    Jelly says:

    Excellent! I am forwarding this link to him right now. I appreciate the both of you putting things into words that I do not think to say or I say it differently which sometimes causes issues. Thank you!

  3. Kandi
    Kandi says:

    Great post… man needs to take heed to these tips. LOL. A woman wants to be felt and understood.

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