You Are Not In Control

Family we’re 4 days out from our son’s second hip surgery and this morning he made a comment which caught me totally off guard.  I took some time to sit still and deal with some of my emotions surrounding his upcoming surgery.  In the end I rest on the fact that I’m not in control….GOD IS.  Family keep us in your prayers….

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  1. Alisha Walker
    Alisha Walker says:

    We will definitely be praying for you. Our daughter has Sickle Cell too and is 2 years old. When learned from the beginning that in order to stay sane and present for the other children that allowing God to be in control is the ONLY way. Thank you for showing us how to move even in times of difficulty. We understand and are and will be praying. Benjamin and Alisha Walker

  2. Mary
    Mary says:

    you and your son will be in my prayers! Stay strong!

    • Aiyana
      Aiyana says:

      Thank you so much!

  3. Yavi
    Yavi says:

    Hi Aiyanna,

    Can we still donate?

  4. Reggie
    Reggie says:

    Thank you for being vulnerable and letting us in….there's healing in that act alone.

  5. Whitney
    Whitney says:

    I feel your discomfort. i also have a son, and know the hardship of not wanting your child to hurt in any way, sometimes even if it is for their betterment. You and your family are and will be in my prayers. Much love and a speedy recovery for your son. Keep pushin!

  6. mylaylay
    mylaylay says:

    Sending MUCH LOVE, prayers and blessings to you and your family. Your family is strong and will keep pushin' 🙂 <3

  7. Traci
    Traci says:

    Be strong sis….lean on Ayize.

  8. johnny's girl
    johnny's girl says:

    Praying for your family

  9. Sweet Heartred
    Sweet Heartred says:

    I feel you on this one!! I had to go through this feb with my son. I had to trust God and pray about it!! Everything turn out find:)!! I will be praying for your family!!

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