You Get Out What You Put In

VIDEO: Everybody wants happy and healthy relationships that they feel cared for and respected in. A lot of people define success as having exactly that. If everybody wants happy and healthy relationships why doesn’t everybody have them? Maybe it’s because as individuals we’re not bringing “happy and healthy” to the table…. If you want good communication, hot sex, solid commitment, honesty, quality time that keeps the two of you bonded, and conflict that you manage versus it managing your relationship—then you’ve GOT TO DO SOME WORK! Great relationships don’t just magically happen. They come about as a result of two people doing the easy fun stuff and the hard work that gets on their very last nerve and is about to drive them crazy! We attended the well known and nationally recognized Smart Marriages Conference in Orlando, Florida last month. While there we talked with good friends of ours and colleagues Reggie & Peachie Williams about why they think it’s important to take time to B Intentional about what you’re putting into your marriage. A quick tip: Focus on what’s being said—not my crazy camera work! The camera’s all over the place yall so cut us some slack. 🙂 When you finish listening in ask yourself “What am I getting out of my marriage?” Now, sit down and try your best to get in your head that whatever you’re getting out of your relationship is a DIRECT REFLECTION of what you’re putting into it. It really is that simple.

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