Is Sharing Sex Stories A No No When Married?

VIDEO: The other day while hanging out with friends a conversation came up about sex. Some details were shared that made one of our friends wives uncomfortable. As she attempted to check her husband for being to open with the details of their last sexual encounter another one of our friends (a wife there with her hubby) says “Oh, come on…Is it really that serious?!” Well, what came next was a serious but fun debate between the couples on whether discussing your personal sex stories is just TMI= Too Much Information! So, we wanna know what you think. Do you care what your partner shares? Here’s what we think…

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  1. Jei LThom
    Jei LThom says:

    Agreed. Typically, I wouldn't share anything specific about my wife with my friends, unless I had a question about something. Maybe that's me being a little respectful of my spouse. But I would expect her to be a little uncomfortable knowing I've been telling my friends about her skills in bed. At times, we've had discussions with friends about some things, but not with graphic specifics. We all generally discuss "stuff" with our friends. Most of the time, if people are willing to share, I'll listen — but don't expect me to share a competing story.

    Initially, I thought this video was about sharing stories about past relationships with your spouse & how that my create some jealous or negative feelings. Many of us want to think that we are an improvement over our spouse's past relationships. Some past stories indicate otherwise. Sometimes, it's basically a mental thing…but maybe not.

  2. Kiesha
    Kiesha says:

    I like the topic and I really don’t mind what my husband shares because I don’t feel ashamed about anything I do in the bedroom with my husband. But, I don’t feel entirely comfortable sharing with my friends because as my grandmother would say ” When you tell someone how good something is eventually they will want to try it out themselves” My husband feels the same way and don’t share this type of info with his friends.

    • Cynthia
      Cynthia says:

      Kiesha's grandmother was right. You can't tell everything no matter how comfortable you feel. You never know what is going on in a person's secret thoughts.

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