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VIDEO: The other day my wife,Aiyana, and I spoke at a Young Professionals event about Black Love and the Art of Communication. There was standing room only and the crowd was FLYYYY. 😉 After we spoke a gentleman came up to me and said he honestly didn’t see the value in marriage and he felt like you could have the same thing in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship that you can have in a married relationship. So I shared a few thoughts with him. Check out this video and get a better understanding of why being married IS different from being boyfriend/girlfriend.

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  1. mba2ceo
    mba2ceo says:

    Men marry for free sex

    Women marry for? free ride

    Both are wrong.

  2. Kamirarenee
    Kamirarenee says:

    You are preachin' right now. Great videos. Great points! WHAT WAS THE GUY'S RESPONSE TO YOUR VIEW POINTS ON REASONS TO GET? MARRIED??

  3. OsunK2
    OsunK2 says:

    EXCELLENT, Excellent vid.? Stop playin' already!

    Another point that could have been made is that marriage is also a way to build wealth! There's so much more that a couple can do together than either can do apart. "Stop Playin'" Love it!! ~OKeba

  4. ruleyourwife
    ruleyourwife says:

    Ayize, had to deal with that same statement while facilitating a class last with at the college. I tried a different approach this time. I said to the sister, ok you're living with your man doing all the stuff that married folk do, buy a house, have kids, build a nest egg, but then your boo is severely injured in a horrific car accident. What decisions can you make on behalf of his health. She wouldn't even give me the answer, although she knew.

    GREAT post.

  5. ShaniKeys
    ShaniKeys says:

    Love everything you said, it makes? so much sense!

  6. tchelle1000
    tchelle1000 says:

    Great choice to relate sports with relationships. If he didn't receive that then he is most def still playing? and not pushing…..LOL

  7. lit26
    lit26 says:

    Please keep doing the dang thang with your videos!!!? LOVE THIS!

  8. healthycurve
    healthycurve says:

    AY-Freakin-men!!! MAN DA HELL UP Brothers!

  9. TONIAG03
    TONIAG03 says:


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