Please! Please! Let’s Get Counseling!

VIDEO: We’re revisiting an old post that stirred up a lot of debate in some of our couples groups and classes. To get “outside help” or not to get “outside help”—that is the question. The “C” word……”Counseling” can be a pretty taboo word in the African-American community. Do men have more of an issue with getting professional help than women? What does one do when they feel there are issues in the relationship that need the objectivity and skill of a trained professional but the other person says “Hell no!” Listen is as The Ma’at’s provide perspective.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Personally, counseling has done me a world of good. But, when I got married and thought me and my husband should go—he wasn't feeling it. I think men are just so scared to be vulnerable and their ego's are so HUGE!!!

  2. Ishmael
    Ishmael says:

    Generally speaking…i've been resistant to going to counseling because many of the counselors I know either aren't married or don't have good relationships themselves. It's refreshing to see a couple that "seemingly" has it together and is unashamed and willing to share their gift.

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