I Thought I Married A Psychic

VIDEO: One of the unspoken and unreasonable expectations we have in our relationships is that our partner possess the ability to read our minds……and we get upset when they can’t or don’t. That is so unfair! However, hidden beneath the surface of this expectation is the raw emotional need for intimacy. Listen in as the Ma’at’s discuss how unreasonable it is to expect him or her to read your mind…yet it’s completely reasonable for him or her to pay focused attention to you so that they can get an in depth understanding of how your mind, body, and spirit work.

Having Sex With Herpes

VIDEO: Have you just recently learned that you or your partner has an STD? Are you wrestling with the thought of not being able to be intimate with your partner anymore? Are you afraid of contracting or transmitting the STD? Here we discuss how key creativity is in dealing with Herpes and answer a woman who asks “Can I have sex with the man I love and NOT get the disease?”

When The One You Love Won’t Pull His Weight

VIDEO: What do you do when the one you love can’t seem to hold down a job and do their part to maintain the financial stability of your home? It’s a difficult space to be in when managing a family on minimal income and even more difficult when you know it could be better yet you and your partner can’t see eye to eye on how to get there. While this couple is not married, this young lady is at her wit’s end and says she doesn’t know how much longer she can do this. This is a rough space for any relationship to endure. What’s needed is healthy communication and tough love honesty. Without these two ingredients the relationship is vulnerable to downfall.