Happy Thankgiving From Our Family To Yours!

VIDEO: Take time everyday to give thanks for the large and small things in your life. The spirit of gratitude will go a LONG way. Family is often what people think of when they reflect on what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving. And, family may be a big family of 6 like ours, a family of 2 or maybe just you and the wonderful friends you have in your life. Here, we focus on the importance of defining & creating what we want to experience during the holiday season. Traditions & legacies are built one experience at a time. We all have the power to create warm & fuzzy moments with the ones we love the best! 😉

So, Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours and while you’re lounging around today peruse our website and catch up on web shows and articles that you haven’t had a chance to take a look at. There’s plenty to delve into and to learn and grow from right here so stay awhile! 🙂

~In the Spirit of Love, Family, & Intention,

The Ma’at’s

Kids And Chore Challenges

By Kimberly K. Parker Instilling a true sense of responsibility within our children is a goal my husband and I embrace. Initially, I assigned my children the task of cleaning their respective bedrooms. From there, I moved onto other household chores like assistance with the dishes, laundry, lawn, and the bathrooms. Considering the extent of my “to-do” list, I never reject helping hands…no matter how small.

On occasion, my beckoning for assistance was met with resistance. The children quickly asked to be pardoned because, “There’s only five minutes left of the show, Momma!” Then there were times when they reluctantly obliged the request. The deep sighing, overdramatized body language, and slight mumbling clearly indicated that the interruption was inopportune.

Eventually, their frustration was beginning to be met with ours! The lectures (“How many times have we…?”), warnings (“OK! I’m going to conduct a spot check!”), and even idle threats (“You won’t see an after-school dance if…!) were beginning to take its toll. Frankly, I had gotten tired of hearing myself fuss!

Instituting change in my children’s behavior started with changing my behavior. The old adage “If it is to be, it’s up to me!” addresses an often dismissed truth. While it is very easy to point a finger at them, the three fingers pointing back at me reveals who is the most responsible party. So I pondered a way to achieve the results I desired while annihilating the aggravation.

As is my custom, I awaken my family daily. One particular morning, I added a twist: I announced that I had an important announcement to make in thirty minutes. Rapidly, all three children were out of the bed and making their way to the bathroom. Twenty minutes later they were dressed and sitting in their seats asking, “What’s the news, Momma? Tell us!”

I took my time and chose my words carefully in an attempt to build the excitement…and it worked! After side-barring a time or two, I finally said:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the Cleanest Bedroom Award is…

With dropping draws and widened eyes, my children looked as if they had seen their favorite TV star! As the winner claimed his token of appreciation, my other two children were positioning themselves to win the next time. But, there was a twist: the next announcement would not be about bedrooms, but another category just as important. This way, they will focus their attention completely on the tasks assigned and work hard to complete them all!

Since that day, I’ve given out the “Initiates Homework” award to the child that does her homework without being asked, “Do you have homework?” and the “Yes, Ma’am” award to the child who responds to my requests without debate. I love the change I see in myself and my children! I have minimized my frustration and they have maximized their accountability.

If you find your situation mirrors mine, consider using this “system”. I sure hope it works for you, too.

Kimberly K. Parker is an author and blogger living in Maryland with her husband and three children. Visit her website at www.writingmomma.com to read more about her and the work she is doing in her community.

The McGhee Sextuplets: Let’s Reach Out & Help Our Own!

You may have heard about the McGhee family recently in the news–an African American family who has sextuplets. Not 1, 2, 3 , 4, or 5 but 6 new beautiful babies in their home! Wow, they are abundantly blessed! They initially had a difficult time conceiving  but they are now proud parents. The McGhee family hasn’t received the kind of media attention & financial support that multiple birth families have received in times past. For that reason we encourage you to donate to their family—even if just a couple of dollars–every cent counts. Take the time to spread the word, this link, and the love in support of the 6 new lives who have entered into the world! We must support our own.

From the McGhee Family’s Facebook Page:

Mia and Rozonno McGhee hold a montage of their sextuplets in the nursery of their home. The babies, born June 9 are all home now!

One bedroom, three cribs, six babies.

The quarters are close but manageable, as the biggest of the McGhee sextuplets has yet to top 5 pounds.

Figuring out how to provide enough diapers, clothing and a vehicle that can accommodate six infant car seats is another matter.

“We have the love,” Rozonno McGhee said, smiling yesterday at his wife, Mia. “We’ve always had that part.”

Mr. and Mrs. McGhee were high-school sweethearts at Linden-McKinley who relied on each other to navigate a difficult adolescence in a tough neighborhood. He was 20 and she was 18 when they married 11 years ago, their only dream to stay together and raise a family.

After unsuccessful attempts to have children, the North Side couple turned to fertility drugs. Mrs. McGhee gave birth to twins prematurely last year, and both infants died.

When an ultrasound during her next pregnancy revealed multiple heartbeats, she felt devastated again.

“They advised us to do the selective reduction,” she said. “We couldn’t.”

The McGhees knew they would struggle to afford an instant family of eight. He is a carpet- and upholstery-cleaner; she is leaving her job at JPMorgan Chase to care for the babies.

The halving of their income comes at a time when the community and corporate support that used to accompany multiple births seems to be wearing thin.

Mrs. McGhee said Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee sent six Buckeyes onesies, and the Columbus City Council gave them a certificate honoring the city’s first – and Ohio’s second – set of sextuplets. But they have received nary a donated diaper, and a fund set up at Chase bank after the babies’ birth on June 9 remains empty.

“It’s taken such a turn,” said Janet Bleyl, president of The Triplet Connection in Spring City, Utah, a national support network for multiple-birth families. “There isn’t the help out there that there used to be. The public just doesn’t get involved much anymore.”

That is, Bleyl and others say, unless the storyline is negative or bizarre, such as the “octomom” who already had six children and then gave birth to eight at once.

The McGhees, who did not call T he Dispatch, say they haven’t received return calls from the few corporations and elected officials who were contacted on their behalf. That’s in contrast to the avalanche of publicity and donations that flowed in 1997 to the McCaugheys of Iowa, who received everything from a van to a lifetime supply of diapers and even college scholarships for their septuplets.

Gretchen Slaughter said there was little business interest when she and her husband, David, went home to Marietta in southern Ohio with their quintuplets in 2005. But living in a small town helped.

“My parents moved in with us, and the community had a little baby shower,” Mrs. Slaughter said. “Senior citizens stood outside Walmart and had bake sales, and they were able to collect enough to purchase a used 15-passenger van. I don’t know what we’d have done without it.”

Mr. McGhee, who is trying to grow his own carpet-cleaning business, said he doesn’t like seeking help. But he knows that Rozonno Jr., Isaac, Josiah, Elijah, Madison and Olivia – who likely will begin leaving Ohio State University Medical Center in the next two weeks – don’t care about pride.

He said a woman recently asked how his family was adjusting to all the attention. When he said there hadn’t been any, “she cried,” Mr. McGhee said. “She couldn’t believe it.”

Mrs. McGhee said she is staying positive. The babies are healthy, and she trusts that the hard times are temporary.

“I’m happy,” she said. “I have a family.”

To donate to a fund for the McGhee sextuplets, visit any Chase Bank location.

To Donate to the McGhee Family CLICK HERE.

Will And Jada Smith’s Daughter & Sesame Street Want You To Whip Your Hair Back & Forth

We absolutely LOVE a video from Sesame Street that exploded on the internet over the last few days that has a young black girl (puppet) singing about how much she loves her hair. Then, while in the car the other day we hear a song with a hot beat with the lyrics…”I whip my hair back and forth!” We didn’t know at the time that this is Will & Jada Smith’s daughter, Willow’s, new single. Again, this song sends a positive message about hair, creativity, and self-expression. We just watched her video and all we can say is Wow….this 9 year old has talent and we LOVE how funky, hot, and age appropriate this video is. Already, Willow has been inspiring little girls all over Youtube to whip their hair back and forth. To top it all off, Mec Jagger from Sesame Street did a mash up of Willow’s song with the same puppet and we think it’s GREAT! We’re always trying to find images and messages that reinforce our daughters’ beauty and love for who they are. A BIG thanks to Sesame Street & Willow (and her parents…smile) for helping us out. Check out these fabulous songs below.  🙂

“I Love My Hair” by Sesame Street

“Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith

“Whip My Hair” By Sesame Street

Do Something Different.Do Something New. Do Something For Your Relationship. Do Something For You!

Basic Training For Couples Registration is happening now. Will you be there? Let’s predict the conversation….

Partner 1: You know that Basic Training class…the couples class I was telling you about? It starts September 28th.

Partner 2: Oh, yeah? What’s the point of it though? Isn’t it for people who have alot of problems?

Partner 1: I think it really doesn’t matter. You can be having no problems or be on the verge of divorce.

Partner 2: We’re fine. I mean, what they gon’ tell me that I don’t already know? Most people know what they need to do they just don’t do it, ya know?

Partner 1: Yeah, I know….that’s exactly why I think we should go.

This is just one of how many conversations will go between couples when talking about taking a relationship class. There is usually one person who is curious or feels they need it and there is usually one person who thinks it’s just not that serious. If you or your sweetie is unsure about whether this class is for you drop us a line or give us a call at 1-888-307-7970. We won’t hesitate to answer any and all of your questions. Do something different. Do something new. Do something for your relationship. Do something for you! This is the perfect opportunity for you to Stop Playing & Start Pushing.

Click here for frequently asked questions and here for registration information.

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Spend time with other couples looking for the same thing you want, a great relationship or marriage. Fabulous relationships don’t just happen. They happen because couples learn the skills to make it happen. If you don’t work for your relationship it won’t work for you. Learn why marriage is important, the sweetness of surrender, how to move from “I” to “We”, communication skills, how to manage conflict, hot monogamy, and so much more!

Come out on August 28th at 2pm and meet your instructors and other couples determined to make their relationship last. Experience a sample class, meet other couples, ask questions, and get details about Fall classes & groups.



We Need Our Father’s…

VIDEO: To all of the black men that are responsible fathers…you deserve a pat on the back. To all of the black men that are irresponsible fathers……you deserve a kick in the butt. It’s time to stop sitting down and making excuses. GET UP, STAND UP and accept your responsibilities as a Man and as a Father. Your child’s life depends on it.