VIDEO: Melissa Harris Perry Breaks Down The Stereotypes Of Black Women

By Team BLAM


Professor Melissa Harris-Perry recently made a guest appearance on the “Colbert Report” to talk about racism in America, her upcoming MSNBC show and new book, “Sister Citizen,” which is about the stereotypes of black women in the U.S.


She examines 4 stereotypes about black women that she feels are damaging and painful. They are “Jezebel”, “Mammy”,  “Sapphire” and last but not least the “Strong Black Woman”.


Listen in and drop us a comment with your thoughts.


Learn more about Melissa Harris Perry’s new book SISTER CITIZEN: Shame, Stereotypes, & Black Women HERE.

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  1. dana strachan
    dana strachan says:

    i think she knew what to expect when she agreed to do Colbert; that's his brand. But she answered him very well and didn't display any of the stereotypes mentioned. She's brilliant and extremely articulate.

  2. Cherrie
    Cherrie says:

    I love this lady! She is correct. I guess I fit into that strong Black Lady stereotype with a bit of sapphire, but I am a Libra too?!!!! Okay, but seriously I agree with Ms. Melissa Perry when she states that when people, especially the Republican Party talking about going back in time when times were more simpler, happier and middle America was doing good. I guess time was good when the Black Woman was cooking, cleaning, taking care of and nursing White Babies as they tried to take care of their own with little means. I am in my forties, but my mother, grandmother, aunts, great aunts told me how those days were and they were not pleasant in no means.

  3. Tamisha
    Tamisha says:

    Omg this was almost painful to watch. As a black woman in America, it is interviews like this that show how much of a mockery we are and how are problems are not that serious to this country and to society. She did a good interview but I just wish she went on a more serious show where our problems could be heard and not challenged.

    • Deatha
      Deatha says:

      well said Tamisha..while I was quick to take offense at his lack of seriousness regarding the very serious book and topic, I remembered that THAT is what his show seems to convey..a sense of tongue in cheek attitude. Be it as it may, it may have been better for her to have discussed her very enlighteneing book on a show that would have appreciated such valuable information regarding black women and her evolution within the American experience.

  4. Carmen
    Carmen says:

    Love this lady!

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