Sometimes All You Can Do Is Cry…Ayize Shares

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By Ayize Ma’at

Every relationship goes through some things…..and it’s in those moments when you feel helpless that you should muster the energy to be vulnerable and cling to the one you love. In this video I share a difficult space in my relationship where I failed my wife. I let my wife down. I hope that in me sharing you gain an understanding of the importance of being connected and doing right by the one you say you love.

Stop Playing & Start Pushing ya’ll….

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  1. Michael-Angelo
    Michael-Angelo says:

    Ayize, THANK YOU things happen and in some instances people never own up to a failure or admitting wrong choices. Awesome.

  2. BlackFreemasonsSuck
    BlackFreemasonsSuck says:

    Bruh, Jobs hard to come by these days, even careers are nullified due to this economy. Us Blackmen aint made of money and today money is hard to keep, so your wife? can get into employment mode also because she married you for bettr or for worse so why should she be disapointed in you not providing when its both yalls job to pro provide. Marriage is unfair to us men because when we have a hard time at anything pertaining to marriage we are brung down to a fucking Nobody, why is that bro?

  3. Tasha Butler
    Tasha Butler says:

    This really touched me on so many levels… woooo

  4. Osaremi Lanloke
    Osaremi Lanloke says:

    Thank you Ayize. This is so true as women sometimes that is all we need as women for our man to knowledge that they messed up and do everything in there power to make it right. We need to feel safe, loved, respected and our feelings knowledged.

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  5. forhealthymarriages©
    forhealthymarriages© says:

    I am so grateful for your transparency Dr. Ayize . We can only grow as men when we look at ourselves. Awesome Posting!

  6. Mensah
    Mensah says:

    I know that was hard Bro. Thank you for showing me what it means to be vulnerable and that it's o.k to open up.

  7. Raquel
    Raquel says:

    Why you gonna go and do that to me first thing in the morning? You got me tearing up at work because my King and I are going thru right now. Damn that was powerful.

    • forhealthymarriages©
      forhealthymarriages© says:

      Raquel, I would like to say, Please be encourage… just as Ayize stated in this VBlog when you're Really in Love and In a Real Relationship. You have To HOLD On TO Each OTHER to get Through it ( For Whatever & All Situations) YOU CAN & WE make it! Much Love!

  8. Buddhalocks
    Buddhalocks says:

    100%? true.

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