Things That Your Husband Needs But Won’t Tell You

There Are Things That Your Husband Needs But Won’t Always Tell You…
What things you ask? Well……
Men want their wives to say “I love you”. Start the New Year off right and commit to telling him more often.
Men want their space especially after an argument. Don’t take it personally. Just honor that about your hubby and he’ll give you more of what you need to.
Men want their wives to initiate sex. This isn’t a big aha for most women. But, wives this is serious for most men. So…..just handle your business tonight and initiate.
Men want to be heard. Women usually have about 10-20 words for every 5-10 words a brother has and while there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself—you have to make sure you give pause to your words sometimes and make room for his.
Men want to be praised, appreciated and validated. Tell him he’s the man. Let him know you appreciate the small things. Does he need a cookie for simply taking out the trash? No. But, the same way you like for him to tell you your cooking is good—he wants to hear the same thing from time to time too!
Men want to be touched. They crave affection just like women do. Sometimes we forget that. But we must remember that the power of human touch is enormous and healing. Lay hands and heal him. 😉
Men want to be respected. This one should’ve probably been at the top of the list. If there is nothing else you take away from this “what men need” list let it be THIS. Men, especially black men need to feel respected and anything women can do to make sure husbands know that we admire and adore them is time well spent.
Give sistas……and you shall receive. I’m living proof. 😉
Aiyana Ma’at is the Co-founder of along with her husband Ayize. Wife. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Aunt. Healer. Therapist. Teacher. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Funny.  Real. Jokester. Down To Earth. Dynamic….These are all words that have been used to describe Aiyana. Aiyana is a Licensed  Psycho-therapist & Clinical Social Worker in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia. She is also a certified Marriage & Relationship Educator specializing in couples & family work.She firmly believes that relationships are the vehicles we can all use  to grow and evolve.  When Aiyana is not obsessing about how to more effectively help others she can be found kicking back with a glass of wine, cracking jokes and eating crabs while hanging with the loves of her life—her hot husband, Ayize, and their 5 beautiful & brilliant children.