Sometimes All You Can Do Is Cry…Ayize Shares

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By Ayize Ma’at

Every relationship goes through some things…..and it’s in those moments when you feel helpless that you should muster the energy to be vulnerable and cling to the one you love. In this video I share a difficult space in my relationship where I failed my wife. I let my wife down. I hope that in me sharing you gain an understanding of the importance of being connected and doing right by the one you say you love.

Stop Playing & Start Pushing ya’ll….

When I Became A Man

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SPOKEN WORD VIDEO:  This brother’s poem will make you stop dead in your tracks. We wanna give a personal thank you to author and relationship educator Yolanda “Yanni” Brown for sharing this on FB today. It is more than powerful. Hear what this brother had to say. It’s POWERFUL. He says he wants to challenge and inspire men to put the games away, and be the powerful men of God that God’s called men to be.

Check out his YOUTUBE CHANNEL .

Black Father’s Day Is March 19, 2011!

Bet you’ve never heard of Black Father’s Day. Why? The reason is because it’s relatively new but it’s catching on and we are so happy to support it and help spread the word here at Black Father’s Day was created by Matt Prestbury out of Baltimore, MD.

Matt began his efforts to uplift Black Fathers by starting a Facebook group for black fathers to connect and support each other. Matt, himself, is a father of four and a husband. Matt wanted to create a site to highlight the efforts and actions of involved fathers all over the country and beyond. Through the group, Black men from all walks have connected with each other, and shared pictures of themselves and their families, words of support and encouragements, advice, and much more.

Matt was inspired by Kenda Bell initially, and by Kevin James after that, to start an internet radio show to further promote the efforts, and serve as another vehicle by which he could showcase great fathers, and discuss issues that we are all facing. Hosted by Matt and Kevin, Black Fathers Radio gives a voice to the many faces that we see out there raising their children, bucking the trends, and destroying the myths and stereotypes about the Black Father.

Support Black Father’s Day! Here are the details from the National Black Fathers’ Facebook Page!


Saturday, March 19 · 12:00am – 11:30pm


Wherever your child is or children are

Created By

Black Fathers

More Info

Peace. Please join us in launching what we would love to see become an annual event, every third Saturday in March, National Black Fathers’ Day. Children and mothers, show the Black father in your life just how much he means to you. Fathers get deeply involved in activities and events that show our children just how much we truly love them even more than we normally show them on a day-to-day basis. This day is also designed to commemorate the launch of Black Fathers facebook group in March of ’09. We are looking to get activities and event going in cities and towns across the country. Please step up and organize in your area. Please contact us at

We have great respect and love for Matt and what he has done and continues to do in the minds and hearts of Black Fathers everywhere! Good Black Fathers do exist. Hold it down on Black Father’s Day and do your thang Black Men! Visit Matt Prestbury’s website

Countdown To Highly Anticipated “Men Ain’t Boys” DC Film Premiere Has Begun

Are you ready? Do you have your tickets? If not, you need to get them ASAP. The much talked about film Men Ain’t Boys is coming to Washington, DC March 24th 8pm sharp. We can’t wait over here at BLAM! It’s always exciting to see history in the making. It’s even better to be a part of it. March 24th at 8pm sharp—Where will you be? We hope you’ll be up in the house with us ready to watch something worth supporting. Come out and support this worthy work and meet the producers! Check out the trailer below & GET YOUR TICKETS!Not in the DC, Md, or Va area? Find screenings near you HERE. Pre-Order your personal copy HERE.

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Film synopsis: At a time when African American men are often depicted poorly throughout mainstream media Tyler New Media breaks that trend with Men Ain’t Boys. The film offers a thought provoking look at issues such as stereotypes surrounding manhood, the results of effective fatherhood and the requirements for maintaining lasting love, relationships and marriages. Men Ain’t Boys provides a blueprint for men, women and children to learn how real men live and how real men love.


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VIDEO: The other day my wife,Aiyana, and I spoke at a Young Professionals event about Black Love and the Art of Communication. There was standing room only and the crowd was FLYYYY. 😉 After we spoke a gentleman came up to me and said he honestly didn’t see the value in marriage and he felt like you could have the same thing in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship that you can have in a married relationship. So I shared a few thoughts with him. Check out this video and get a better understanding of why being married IS different from being boyfriend/girlfriend.

Is Sex After Marriage Boring Or Do You Just Not Know How To Bring Out The Freak???

What do you get when you have 4 brothers sitting around talking about sex after marriage? Before you answer that…what if one of the brothers is a relationship expert and one is a self-professed pimp? Listen in to this interesting conversation where 4 men go back and forth on how stale they feel sex after marriage is. What’s your take? All I’ll say is this: My name is Aiyana and it still gets hot & steamy in my bedroom (after 16 years of being together and 9 years of marriage)!!! And you better believe my husband knows how to get me ready… 😉 Listen in and let us know what you think.

Women Today Ain’t Like The Women Of Yesterday…

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VIDEO: by Ayize Ma’at After coaching hundreds of couples I have decided to do a video addressing a common critique from black men about black women. How many times have you heard this: “Black Women today ain’t like the Black Women of yesterday.” Well, in this show I touch on this in an attempt to elevate our understanding and edify black relationships.

I’m Tired Of My Wife Asking Me To Have Sex With Her

VIDEO: In this show Ayize puts on the table some items of note that he’s recognized from teaching marriage education classes and coaching couples with his wife Aiyana Ma’at. Believe it or not…black men WANT to be vulnerable in their relationships. Black men WANT to be transparent.

Additionally, Ayize talks about why it’s so important to have people that support your marriage in your immediate circle. Lastly, Ayize answers the question from a young man that is being pressured by his wife to have sex with her. Surprisingly he doesn’t want to have sex with his wife. He says he didn’t marry her for sex. Listen in and hear how Ayize addresses this.

A Balanced Response To “For Colored Girls” Critics…Finally A Black Man Who Likes The Movie

VIDEO: There has been a lot of backlash to Tyler Perry’s movie “For Colored Girls”. A whole lot of folk have taken issue with Perry’s depiction of black men in this movie and many of his films. Here, we share our thoughts on “For Colored Girls” and offer a balanced opinion on the films depiction of black men, black women, and black relationships.

Do we think there needs to be more positive depictions of black men in cinema? Absolutely.

Is it Tyler Perry’s responsibility to bring that to the screen ? Not necessarily—but we shouldn’t forget “Daddy’s Girls” or the people in Perry’s past movies that have played the parts of “good insightful men and women”.

Do we think black people have a long history of “keeping secrets” & not wanting to acknowledge the ills in our community? Yup! So, do many of Tyler Perry’s movies kick up a lot of folks issues that they don’t want kicked up? Yup!

Is it fair that Perry seems to be held to a different kind of standard than other movie makers? No, it’s not fair. Where’s the outcry against “Boyz N The Hood” or “Belly” or any number of movies that depict men in “a not so positive” light? With that said–we don’t think it’s that big a problem to be held to a different standard….it comes with the territory of being black and talented. However, what’s not fair is the fact that when someone brings their genuine “truth” to the screen in a way that evokes serious thought and emotion black folks have a problem. But, when we see, for example, the character “Smokey” that Chris Rock played in the movie “Friday” we eat it up!!! No protests about how his character perpetuates images of black men that are damaging, poisonous, or crippling to the community. What’s up with that??? Dare we say that black folks can be oh so hypocritical….

Maybe, there’s something we’re missing. Listen in to hear what we think and then put your opinion out there.

Black Men Need Help

by Ayize Ma’at We get a lot of emails from women voicing their frustration with the current condition of the black men in their lives and in the community. There’s this reverberating impression that black men have an apathetic approach to life….black men have lost their hustle which consequently has a devastating impact on the black family. This video gives a couple of reasons why black men are not being as productive as they could be. This is some REAL TALK coupled with a REAL CHALLENGE. This is one black man’s perspective… Leave a comment or submit a video response letting me know what you think. B Intentional family, What’s up with black men? We need to hear your voice on this one.