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By Team BLAM

We enjoyed hanging out with our good friend DeShuna Spencer  on her consciousness raising and life changing  radio show emPower Hour. We talked about what we love to talk about the most—-Healthy Relationships!

We always tell folks that our company’s mission and focus is to increase people’s relationship self-awareness and raise our community’s ability to engage in…..not just any old relationship…..but healthy relationships! So, just what does that mean? What does a healthy relationship look like? What are the signs and symptoms of  an unhealthy (i.e., messed up) relationship?

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Don’t Let Reality T.V. Destroy Your Relationship

Is reality T.V destroying your relationship?  Is your man or woman spending more time with the Real House Wives of …..?  Are they soooo preoccupied with Nene, Tamar, Stevie J, and so on and so on that they’ve stopped focusing on you?  Have they internalized some of the craziness that they’re seeing to such a degree that it’s starting to show up in your relationship?  If so it’s time to do something different.  Whatever you focus on….GROWS.  Stop focussing on the negativity that you see in everybody else’s relationship.   It’s not helping you….it’s hurting you.

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Ma’at Family Doing the D-Low Shuffle For Their 90 Year Old Great Grandma

There’s nothing like good ole’ fashion family time.  This past Sunday we went to visit Grandma/Great-Grandma to bring her some Easter Sunday entertainment.  She was happy to see us ……and during our visit the children had the brilliant idea to do the D-Low Shuffle for her.  She watched and cracked an occasional smile.  All in all we enjoyed ourselves and were happy to experience another moment with Grandma/Great Grandma.

My Husband Violated & Shared My Personal Business

I have been married to my husband for one year. We just celebrated our 1st Anniversary, just days ago. The year has been VERY challenging and I’m not sure what I expected, but I never thought that I would be at a point where I am questioning if I should have married him.

My letter would be too long to discuss every detail, however, the current issue has prompted me to get your opinion on our latest challenge:

My husband has shared a medical diagnosis with some friends of his. These are not “our” friends, but “his” friends. I know these people, but I don’t believe I have a relationship, where I would share my medical record with them. However, I asked my husband, who did he share the information with, I said “one person”, than it became “two”. Needless to say, I was furious. Although, the diagnosis, is not life threatening, it is still. NO ONE BUSINESS.

We are working on our trust issues already, but how can I begin to trust my husband, when he continues to do things to violate my trust in him?

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Love Is Real !!!

If you’ve ever wondered if true love exists….stop wondering….


Check out the pics….watch the videos.


We’ve helped thousands of couples in their relationships.  We lift up and represent the significance of love.  Relationships require work.  Love doesn’t happen on accident.  You’ve got to be intentional about becoming it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.21.47 AM


 Love Is Real - The Ma'at Boys



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 Love And Marriage And Family - The Ma'at Family

If you want to explore and experience your love ….


3 Truths That Will Transform Your Relationship TODAY!


These 3 Truths will transform your relationship today if you internalize them and operate as though they are your norm. The Mrs. and I have been happily married for a long ass time and these 3 truths are consistently present in our reality. If you’re struggling with this…I challenge you to release the need for it to make sense and simply receive. It has worked in our relationship and in the relationships of the thousands of couples we’ve worked with. As always…Stop Playing and Start Pushing.

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Are You A Slave In Your Relationship? It’s Time To Get FREE!!

The moment you begin to rationalize infidelity and make it a “normal” part of your relationship….your relationship is OVER.  When your feelings about his/her adultery are dismissed and trivialized to the degree where you begin to “accept” the other wo(man)…you are doing yourself a major disservice.  STOP IT!  Stop being a slave in your relationship.  It’s time to mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and maybe even physically GET FREE!!!

If this is you and you know you need help but don’t know who to turn to….CLICK THE LINK BELOW and let us guide you on your journey to healing.



It Is Time To Get Out Of Your Toxic Relationship

Viewer Question: My husband and i have been separated for year,at times he blames me for everything,he loves me oneday,screams and is foaming at the mouth the next,i know there has been other women,but he has denied it because of his job,so that i think has held us back?i dont…im texting hundreds  a day,calling and calling,he will reply that he loves me,that he misses me?but still isnt back?when i ask why and why so long he will repeat that he is coming home,and put it out like  it was my fault again.i dont know im on pin and needles,have tried everything!!!!he is a master  in reverse physc .i love him dearly,i want to believe him,what in the world can i do?if i ask when he is coming home,sometime he will get mad,say things like im trying to wound him up??i just dont get anyh of this…its been a year,he says he will be back to hang lights?still isnt,he can say the most beautiful words,but hasnt been around n awhile,how do i get him back,how can i grab his attention and open his heart again to me?

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Got BEEF? 3 Must Haves That Will Help You Break Down The Wall And Build Up The Love

Come learn how to get past the BEEF once and for all.  Everyone experiences drama BUT few know how to deal with drama.  If you implement these 3 Must Have’s your whole relationship will change…GUARANTEED.  In our last Google Hangout  we spoke about how personalization and projection wreak havoc on a relationship and jeopardize the possibility of relationship success.  In this google hangout we’ll share 3 Major Fails that we see both men and women doing and why you need to STOP IT NOW.

I Love You Baby….A Special Shout Out To My Wife

I firmly believe that if more men did MORE of this…..there would be FEWER divorces, FEWER teen pregnancies, and FEWER young black men being incarcerated BECAUSE there would be more whole and healthy family’s.  Many of the problems our youth face can be traced back to a broken home…..GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER MEN.  Tell and show your woman that you love her.

What’s up y’all we are Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at….a married couple that has been together since high school. Yup…high school sweet hearts. We have Fo’… not four… but Fo’ incredible children…who keep us on our toes all the time : ) We are relationship therapists, coaches, and experts that have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers, TV One, and other media outlets. We are helpers…we are healers….and we are here to serve you.

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